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Acen Concy and her children need a place to live. In addition, the hut in which they live is in disastrous conditions made even more difficult during the rainy season. For this reason, the woman asks that a hectare of land be bought to her in which to build a house and a latrine for her and her children.


Concy is a 40-year-old woman with HIV + being treated with antiretroviral treatment. She receives the drugs at St. Mary’s Hospital in Lacor however, as a side effect of the treatment, he has developed many complications. She may have cancer but no diagnosis has been made. She is due to undergo further investigation and treatment at Mulago National Referral Hospital in Kampala but cannot afford it. Continue to take painkillers and antibiotics but very severe pain remains. Concy is a single mother with five children. She had six but one, the last, was born HIV positive and died in 2020. Concy had a job, she picked tomatoes that she resold at the market in her village and with the earnings she paid for school expenses to get her children to study. With the arrival of the Covid19 pandemic, Concy lost her job and her children had to reluctantly abandon their studies given the total impossibility of their mother being able to pay the tuition. ¬†For this reason, the eldest daughter Joan is attending a six-month course to become a hairdresser while the second son

Olara Steward is taking a course in welding and metal fabrication. This is also a semester course. Olara Steward, after dropping out of school in the sixth grade, did occasional jobs in people’s gardens and homes to save some money, support her mother and start the course, which she had to stop after only three months. In order to complete her training, Olara Steward has to pay the tuition for other months of the course. He needs to be helped to pay his taxes so that he can complete his training smoothly. The third-born Gracious has taken a six-month tailoring course and would like, if possible, to be taken for another semester in the same course, so that she can acquire the necessary skills.


Codice Fiscale: 96531360582

Registrato Agenzia Entrate 08/06/2022

Codice Fiscale : 96531360582
Registrato Agenzia Entrate 07/06/2022